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Wah Nobel (Pvt) Ltd

Wah Nobel (Pvt) Ltd

The company was established in 1962 and has enjoyed phenomenal progress. The company has been providing a one-stop solution for a complete range of Commercial Explosives and related Services for the past 5 decades. We also produce Emulsion & Seismic Explosives and complete range of Accessories and Detonators.

We are the leading brand in the field of explosives with operations spread across the country. Our products are a silent contributor towards national development and progress. At present Wah Nobel Pvt Ltd is not only meeting the country’s commercial explosive requirements as well as exporting its products to a host of friendly countries. Our products cater to the following industries.

  • Mining Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Mega Infrastructural Projects i.e. Dams, Tunnels and Road Networks
  • Exports to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Kenya

Since its inception Wah Nobel has continued to develop and refine the company's core expertise in traditional explosives the NG based dynamites and powder explosives Today, explosives and initiation devices are employed in modified forms depending on the respective application. Wah Nobel with unequalled experience, competence, innovation capability, advanced technology and production systems is well equipped to meet all these divergent applications.



Nitroglycerine Based Dynamites

Powder Explosives

Emulsion Explosives