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Blasting Accessories :

Detcord Bunch Connector (DBC) :

DBC has been developed according to international standard design which provides simultaneous and reliable initiation to a bundle of 20 or more shock tubes. A piece of Detonating cord, passed through the slot of DBC  and  wrapped around the bundle of shock tubes and initiated with the help of Plain Det No.8. The special design of DBC provides tight and reliable connection between the Detonating cord and the bundle of shock tubes.

Benefits of DBC:

  • Economy of time, as bundle of 20 or more shock tubes , i.e. 20 or more blast holes, are initiated simultaneously.
  • Quick & Fast connection.
  • Reliable and successful initiation.
  • Option of instantaneous or delay detonators of your own choice inside the DBC.
  • Customized length of Detonating cord and shock tube.