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Wah Nobel (Pvt) Ltd

The parent company of the group was set up in 1962 by Wah Industries Limited in collaboration with Bofors Sweden (Now Saab, Sweden) to meet the requirements of commercial explosives and accessories.

The company has stood as a symbol of quality, safety, and reliability in the field of commercial explosives for more than 5 decades. It has contributed a great deal to the development of all the Mega Projects of the country like Mangla Dam, Tarbella Dam, Karakoram Highway, Saindak Project, Motorways, Neelum-Jhehlum Hydro Power Project.

The company is thickly engaged with Mining Sector, Cement & Oil and Gas Prospecting Industry. Its products are also exported to a host of friendly countries.

The success of this company spurred it to enlarge its scope of activities and diversify. Since its inception, five more companies have been added to the group.

Wah Nobel Chemicals Ltd

Was established in 1982 and produces an impressive range of high-quality Industrial Chemicals like Formaldehyde, Urea Formaldehyde, Glue, and Raisins which have diverse applications in numerous industries.

Wah Nobel Acetates Ltd

Was established in 1998 keeping in mind the company’s policy of constant evolution and expansion. The Company caters to various industries. The company produces Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, and Acetic Acid. Recently, it has also initiated the production of Pentaerythritol. It is also involved in the trading of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Toulene, Xylene, etc.

Wah Nobel Balochistan Explosives (Pvt) Ltd

Was set up at Saindak in 1993 primarily to meet the commercial explosives requirements of the Saindak Copper/Gold Mine Project. This company is rendering a great National service by generating valuable Foreign Exchange for the Country. the next addition to the group in 1993 to meet the requirements of explosives in Balochistan particularly the Saindak project locally.

Nobel Energy Ltd

Is engaged in development of Solar Power Projects. Presently, it is developing 2 Solar Power Projects and pursuing a Large Hydro Power Project.

Wah Nobel Gilgit Baltistan (Pvt) Ltd

Was set up in 2014 at Gilgit with the prime purpose of meeting the Commercial Explosives requirements of upcoming Mega Infrastructural Development Projects in GB i.e. projects related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), small & large Hydro Dams, realignment of the Karakoram Highway and Mining Projects.