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Delay Detonator:


This product of  Wah Nobel is a unique combination  of Surface Delay Detonators and  In-Hole Delay Detonators assembled to the two ends of shock tube as one product.
It is a flexible and customized solution in which you can select the Surface Delay Detonators with any In-Hole Delay Detonators. This product is available in different combinations like 9-500, 17-500, 25-500, 42-500 and  64-500.The timing of In-Hole Delay can be customized up to 1000ms on customer demand.


  • Provide Delay on the surface between the holes.
  • Fast, easiest and quick blasting pattern as very less connections are required in total.
  • No more disorder and jumbled wires and tubes on connection points and easy visual inspection.
  • Equipped with Surface Connectors able to contain up to 8 outgoing shock-tubes.
  • Reduced Noise Level.
  • Limited  Ground Vibration.
  • Reduced Fly Rocks.
  • Increased Shovel Productivity.
  • Convenience for inventory and storage.
  • Reduced Cost of Blasting & Mining Operations.