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Commercial Explosives and Blasting Accessories

Wah Nobel (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1962. Engaged in the production of a wide range of Commercial Explosives, Detonators and Blasting Accessories.

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Industrial Chemicals and Acetates

Wah Nobel Chemicals Ltd and Wah Nobel Acetates Ltd produces an impressive range of high quality Industrial Chemicals, Resins and Acetates which have diverse applications in numerous industries.

Solar Energy Solution

Nobel Energy Ltd represents the energy Division of Wah Nobel Group. Actively Pursuing / Completed several Solar Energy Projects.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Wah Nobel recently stepped into the manufacturing of a wide range of HouseHold Chemicals / Hygiene Products i.e. Hand Sanitizer, Floor Cleaner / Disinfectants etc.

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Founded in 1962, Wah Nobel is a joint venture between Wah Industries Limited, Saab (Sweden) and Almisehal (Saudi Arabia). Wah Nobel Group is a multinational group with six companies on its orbit. It is engaged in production of Commercial Explosives/Accessories, wide range of Industrial Chemicals and Acetates and has a presence in the Energy Sector. The primary aim of this Joint Venture was to start production of Commercial Explosives indigenously.

Wah Nobel operates as a Commercial Subsidiary of Wah Industries Limited on commercial frequency and wavelength. The shareholders of Wah Nobel are: WIL (Pakistan) – 51.75%, SAAB (Sweden) – 27.23%, Al-Misehal Group (Saudi Arabia) – 21.02%

Since 1962, Wah Nobel Group has experienced rapid expansion of business and has grown into one of the largest manufacturing conglomerates in Pakistan with 6 Companies on its orbit. This has been the result of our team of dedicated workforce working diligently to satisfy the needs of our customers. In pursuit of excellence, we are driven by Customer Satisfaction, Quality Control and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Multinational Group

Joint Venture of


Saab Group: It is a Swedish aerospace and defense company, founded in 1937. In 2010 the company restructured from fifteen business units into five business areas, Aeronautics, Dynamics, Electronic Defense Systems, Security, Defense Solutions, Support, and Services

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Saudi Arabia

The Almisehal Co: is a foremost supplier of high technology systems and services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group enjoys a reputation for reliability, service delivery, and excellent customer support. The group headquarter is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Wah Industries Limited (WIL) was established on November 07, 1958 as a commercial enterprise. WIL was incorporated as Public Limited Company under Companies Ordinance.

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