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CE Message

Shiraz Ullah Choudhry

Chief Executive, Wah Nobel Group

Wah  Nobel  a  dynamic  multinational  concern , evolved  a  great deal  in  the realm  of diversification of business portfolios and grew horizontally and vertically in last about 6 decades. Wah Nobel continuous growth in all spheres  is  attributed to Allah’s Blessings and Wah Nobel dedicated workforce.

Wah Nobel  is  a  brand  to  be  reckoned , primarily  due  to  valuable  clients  and  their unwavering trust on our product’s quality and services, hence I take this opportunity to thank our valuable customers and looking forward for continuous support.

I  urge Wah Nobel  employees  to  dedicate  themselves to work  at  hand , keep feet on ground during challenging era, Insha’Allah you will triumph.