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S-3 (Seismic Explosive)

S-3 (Seismic Explosive)

Nitroglycerine Based Dynamites:

S-3 (Seismic Explosive)

The severe conditions encountered in oil prospecting demand explosives of a special type. S-3 the seismic explosive manufactured by Wah Nobel is the best answer to such demands. S-3 has excellent water resistance and capable of withstanding extremely high Hydrostatic pressure. It is cartridged in specially designed high density rigid plastic tubes Which can be coupled in to another to make the desired length of column of charge.

Technical Data:

  • Density
  • Gas Volume
  • V.O.D (unconfined)
  • Sensitivity
  • Consistency
  • 1.50-1.55 g/cc
  • 520 lit. / Kg
  • +5500 m/sec
  • Detonator No.8
  • Gelatinous