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Easy, Quick & Fast Substitute  of Conventional knotting between Detonating Cord and Shock Tube.

 The conventional knotting  process between Detonating Cord and Shock Tube is a difficult and time taking activity and it becomes challenging  for the miners to  immaculately execute the knotting  process  under high workload and  harsh environmental  conditions of the  mining sites.  Due to  high workload it is not always  possible for the  miners to   knot together the Detonating cord and shock tube exactly at right angle to each other ; a mandatory requirement for successful initiation of shock tubes.

Benefits of J.Hook against Conventional Knot:

Economy of Time ( 50-60 % Time saving)

Max  2-3 seconds per assembly

20-30 blast holes per minute .

Min 5-6 seconds per knot

10-12 blast holes per minute.

One point and exactly 90° angle connection between Detonating cord and Shock Tube , mandatory for successful initiation Humanely Not always possible to make 90° angle connection ,increasing the chances of misfires.
No chance of tube cut off due to one point and 90° angle connection Chances of tube cut off  when the tube comes close to Detonating cord at any point other than knot.
No chance of loose knot, as the Detcord and shock tube automatically sets in its proper positions. Chances of loose knot as the force applied on every knot varies from knot to knot and man to man.
The cost of a J.Hook piece is negligibly less than the cost of a misfired blast hole.