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Delay Detonator:

In Hole Delay Detonator:

After extensive Research & Development and continuous efforts, Wah Nobel has recently developed a wide range of millisecond delay detonators with specialty and flexible timings from 25ms to 500ms. The Delay Detonators of Wah Nobel are at far with respect to quality, safety and reliability , to reputed international companies.

The Delay Detonators of Wah Nobel have the following advantages:

  • Provide Customized Solution to all blasting patterns.
  • Specialty Numbers from 1-20, now you are not bound to order complete series 1-20 , you can select any of the delay number from 1 to 20 as per your choice, selection and pattern.
  • Flexible Delay Timings from 25ms to 500ms, now you can select your own delay timings as per your need, pattern and selection .
  • Flexible Delay Interval : Now the delay interval is in your own hands.
    Now you can increase or decrease the delay interval as per your choice and selection.
  • Variable Length of Shock Tube from 2-35m
  • Improved End Sealing
  • Smart and Distantly visible labeling.