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Profile of Company

Profile of Company

Wah Nobel Acetates Limited is Medium Size Company incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company on November 24, 1994 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The Company is a subsidiary of Wah Nobel (Private) Limited with the shareholding of 86.67% whereas the ultimate holding company is Wah Industries Limited. The registered office of the Company is situated in Wah Cantt, whereas the manufacturing facilities of the company are situated in Industrial Estate Hattar, Pakistan.

The principal activity of the Company are to manufacture, compound, import and export, acquire, sell and otherwise deal in any and all types and kinds of Chemicals Acetaldehyde, Acetic Acid, Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate or any other Acetate etc. and to deal in other types of products whatsoever which can be conveniently manufactured, compounded, handled, imported and exported, acquired, sold or otherwise dealt with in connection with the said products.


  • Glacial Acetic Acid 99.5%
  • Ethyl Acetates 99.5%
  • Butyl Acetate 99.5%
  • Sabutol Acetate 99.5%
  • N-Propyle Acetate 99.5%
  • Unisol


  • Caustic Soda 96%, 98%
  • IPA 99.9%, 85%
  • Isomer Mixed Xylene
  • N-Hexane
  • VAM
  • Unisol


Acetic Acid is a clear and colourless liquid having pungent and vinegary odour with burning taste. Major uses of Acetic Acid are in the manufacture of cellulose acetate fibre, PTA, ester solvents, dyes, metal salts and many other chemicals. Its user industries are Textile, Leather, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic and Rubber.


Content99.5% (wt%)
Freezing Point15.5C
Density at 20 C1.42 gm/ml
Evaporation residue0.0004%
Content of iron0.02%
Time of oxidation of Potassium per magnate5 minutes


30 Kgs in plastic cans and bulk quantities in tankers


Ethyl Acetate is stable, colourless and inflammable liquid with pleasant odour. It is used widely in formulating gravour & printing inks, adhesives and lacquers. It is used extensively as a cellulose nitrate solvent in the manufacture of products such as artificial and patent leathers, inks, cement, photographic films and linoleum. Ethyl Acetate is also used in the formulation of products like candy glaze, cleaning fluids, flavours and spirit varnishes.


Acidity as (CH3COOH)0.005%
Evaporation Residue0.005%


180 kgs in steel drums & bulk quantities in tankers.


Butyl Acetate is a colourless inflammable liquid with a pleasant and fruity odour. It is widely used in cellulose nitrate lacquers. It is also an active solvent for cellulose acetate batryte, ethyl celluplse chlorinate rubber, polystyrene, methaerylate resins, natural gums and paints. This ester is also used as a solvent in the preparation of artificial leather, textile and plastics and plastics and as an extraction solvent in processing various oils and pharmaceuticals.


Acidity as (CH3COOH)0.005%
Evaporation Residue0.005%


180 kgs in steel drums & bulk quantities in tankers.

Company's Reg., NTN & S.Tax No's

Company Registration Number0033728
National Tax Number0657649-4
Sales Tax Number07-03-2806-002-82
Status of the CompanyMSC (Medium size Company)


The Company’s vision is to be the market leader and serve the needs of customers with total dedication, supply them the current and anticipate their future needs, create value for customers, shareholders, employees and the community.


  • To meet the current needs of its customers and anticipate their future needs.
  • To maintain close and direct contacts with the customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.
  • Constantly improve the quality of all our activities through operational excellence.
  • To give fullest regard to the safety and health of employees and customers.
  • To promote professionalism at all levels through constant education, training and development of human resources.
  • To safeguard the environment and the community from pollution.
  • To create a conducive work environment and inspire people to perform to their fullest potential and to reward talent.

Registered Office

Wah Nobel Acetates Limited, G.T Road, Wah Cantt, Pakistan
Phone: (051) 5568760, 4545243-6 (4 Lines), (051) 9314101-21 (21 Lines) Ext 22236
Fax No: (051) 454251,453862


NTN: 0657649-4