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Safety Fuse
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Blasting Accessories 

Safety fuse consist of a central core of specially formulated black power with jute and cotton countering. Water proofing is done by bitumen , wax as well as PVC. It is designed to propagate flame to the plain detonators within time limit. safety-fuse


Burning Time 100-120 m/sec 
Suitable for damp and dry conditions
Coating  PVC / Bitumen



Packing : 4 reels of 250 meters each , packed in a cardboard box.

Wah Nobel Group

Founded in 1962, Wah Nobel is a joint venture between the Wah Industries Limited, Saab Sweden & Almisehal Company Saudi Arabia.Wah Nobel Group is a multinational group with six companies on its orbit. It is engaged in production of Commercial Explosives/Accessories, wide range of Industrial Chemicals & Acetates & has a presence in the Energy Sector.