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Butyl Acetate
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Butyl Acetate is a colourless inflammable liquid with a pleasant and fruity odour. it is widely used in cellulose nitrate lacquers. It is also an active solvent for cellulose acetate Batryte,  ethyl cellulose chlorinated rubber,  polystyrene,  methaerylate resins, natural gums and paints. This ester is also used as a solvent in the preparation of artificial leather, textile and plastics and as an extraction solvent in processing various oils and pharmaceuticals.  



Content   > 99.5% (wt %)
Density = 0.897-0.902 g/ml
Acidity as (CH3COOH)    < 0.005 %
Moisture       < 0.20%
Evaporation Residue       < 0.005%






Packing: 180 kg in steel drum & bulk quantities in tankers. 

Wah Nobel Group

Founded in 1962, Wah Nobel is a joint venture between the Wah Industries Limited, Saab Sweden & Almisehal Company Saudi Arabia.Wah Nobel Group is a multinational group with six companies on its orbit. It is engaged in production of Commercial Explosives/Accessories, wide range of Industrial Chemicals & Acetates & has a presence in the Energy Sector.